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What is a CDL and What are the CDL Classes?
By Sydney Abernathy on February 19, 2021

Having a CDL and understanding the CDL Classes will allow any driver to have the necessary qualifications to be on the road safely while driving large vehicles weighing 26,001-80,000...

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Pitfalls of a Trucking Career
By John Myers on October 22, 2020

Pitfalls of a Trucking Career   We work in a wonderful industry, from dispatchers to friendly faces you see at truck stops, we can all agree that this industry is full of great...

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Pet Companion on the road Dog Truckin Pups

Bringing Your Pup On The Road
By John Myers and Sydney Abernathy on August 1, 2020

Dogs and trucks are a pair as old as time....  

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safety Violations CVSA CSA Inspection following distance and speed Citation speeding FMCSA Operation Safe Driver Week safe driving

Operation Safe Driver Week 2020
By John Myers and Sydney Abernathy on July 9, 2020


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"driver pay" "Income with CDL" travel make more money rewards trucking life women trucking career skills Training

How To Become A Trucker
By John Myers on June 25, 2020

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COVID-19 PPE gloves masks sanitizer disinfecting wipes

Staying Sanitized On The Road
By John Myers on June 9, 2020


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